Wednesday, September 19, 2007

not a tote

If you're looking for a bag pattern that is simple and fun, try this one from grand revival designs. It is reversable, can be made in a large or small size (I tried the small one) and can be made in an over the shoulder or satchel style! I found mine at duckcloth which is having a sale on some fabrics at the moment and has free postage within Australia!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

not quite sure

Have you ever started a project, and after a while you start not to like it so much and then you struggle to find the inspiration to work on it at all?
This is the first block of a sue spargo quilt that I started months ago and it's unlike anything I've done before. I started it to try something different, it has a lot of applique and bias, and I've used deeper coloured fabrics along with wool felt.

It's starting to grow on me now, after the first block is done.

I've started the second block.....let's hope I'll have pictures of it soon!

Monday, September 10, 2007

swap happy

Three lovely parcels arrived the other day as part of the scrap swap from my swap partner, Tamara. They were divided into fabrics for Josh, Ash and for me. Ashley oohed and aahed (and so did I) over her pretty florals and Josh loved his cool cowboy prints and stripes. I was lucky to receive some gorgeous prints too and am looking forward to using them. It's funny how different fabrics can give you the inspiration to sew, I have all these little projects that I have been meaning to try and a lot of the fabrics I received are just perfect for them!

Tamara also sent some gorgeous pins and hairties for Ashley, which she wore right away and you can find them right here!

Thanks Tamara, you've been so generous and it's been fun swapping with you!