Tuesday, May 27, 2008

simple things

Here's a quick project to use up those scraps! I used Amy Butler's business card holder pattern from her website and it's handy to keep those library/membership cards in. I needed a little project in between the quilts which seem to take me so long.

This morning we also managed a little baking for friends who are popping over today. We tried to make a chocolate sponge cake on the weekend and it was a total disaster. Flat as a frisbee and as hard as a rock. So we went for the trusty choc-chip recipe that never fails us!

Monday, May 19, 2008

rectangles and squares

This weekend the rotary cutter got a bit of a workout. I started on the May dolly quilt package which is made up a lot of small squares and rectangles. These packages come with fabrics chosen for you already which is great as I find choosing fabrics difficult and you have a chance to play around with colours and fabrics that you normally wouldn't choose.

I've also been meaning to make a little lap quilt for home to keep us warm (it's getting so cold!) and decided to try Amy Butler's brick path quilt pattern.

Once again the rotary cutter was put to good use.....144 rectangles have been cut, only 54 to go!

Monday, May 05, 2008

block 7

This weekend just flew by (don't all weekends?!) and in between lunches with family and birthday parties for friends I managed to start on block 7 of Sue Spargo's Ginger Grove. This block is made up 3 cotton heart shapes, with woollen stems and berries. I just need to find some embroidery thread in the right colour now to finish it off. Hope you had a good weekend too!