Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This month's dolly quilt was finished just in time. It's my favourite so far, using a segment ruler to make this circular pattern (something I have never tried before). Great for using up scraps as you don't need large pieces of fabric. I will definitely be trying this pattern again with what I have in my little stash!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

party bags

Back to school tomorrow after two weeks of holidays. It's been nice and relaxing spending time with the kids and not running around trying to get from one place to another!
We had a first birthday party to go to on Saturday for our good friend Jamie and we packed his little present in a personalised canvas bag.

.....inside was a card with an elephant shape cut out, fabric glued underneath and an eye and ear stitched on with embroidery thread.

.....and the canvas bag with a circle appliqued on, woollen "j" stitched on top and red stitching around the edges. Happy Birthday Jamie!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

hello again

There has been a bit of sewing going on around here. After a few months of trying to find the time and motivation to sew, I think taking a break has helped and I am slowly finishing up projects that have been piling up on my table. Josh's quilt is finally done, all it needs is a label and he is so happy to have one of his very own. It already has it's own little spot in his room...

I've also joined a dolly quilt mail-out which I'd recommend to anyone as it's a lot of fun! Each month a package is sent out with instructions and materials for a new dolly quilt. It's great to play around with different fabrics and to whip up a quilt in a matter of weeks. My daughter is slowly accumulating a little collection, perfect for her baby dolls!