Friday, October 27, 2006

just around the corner

I have started on some Christmas stockings. It's my favourite holiday season, especially since we had two little ones that look forward to visits from Santa! I used a canvas lining to try and give it more shape as I wasn't too keen on using batting in case it turned into an oven mit kind of stocking.

Surprise flowers also arrived yesterday (thank-you!). The orange ones are called pincushions, how sweet is that?!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

catch up time

We've had a busy week! We had some close friends stay with us and they brought along their new little bub Megan who is only a few months old. Josh and Ash adored having her stay with us and so did we, it's so funny how quickly we forget how small babies are and how nice it is to hold them! We spent a perfect spring day at the Wharf where we caught up and ate a yummy lunch.

Our friends asked whether there was anything we wanted from Japan. Where do I start!!?! They arrived with a pile of craft books (thank-you, thankyou!) which I'd like to share, as they are difficult to get a hold of around here. Anyone interested in a little swap for a japanese craft book? (if you have anything you would like to swap for a craft book, please let me know!) I have a few to swap and some that I will try and sell on-line.
*thanks, I have enough swap partners now - will be packaging them and sending them off soon, looking forward to swapping!
They left this morning after spending the week with us and the house feels so empty now - we miss them already!
After they left, Josh said, "mummy, why don't you eat lots and lots so that your tummy can grow really big and you can have a baby too!!"
Umm, I'll try Josh!

Friday, October 20, 2006

love this magazine

With Christmas fast approaching, there are so many ideas floating around in my head, mostly for gifts or decorations. Here are some ideas from Cotton Time for sweet decorations and table settings.

Imagine having a table set like this on Christmas Eve........

Monday, October 16, 2006

another bag?!

I made this nappy bag over the weekend for a friend who has recently had a little bub. I've always found it difficult to find a nappy bag that isn't too "mumsy" so when I saw this pattern, I thought it would come to good use, and it has!

There is a little pocket on the outside and lots of pockets on the inside for all those extra bits and pieces.
I also found some time to start on another baby patchwork quilt......

Monday, October 09, 2006

where did the weekend go?

Playschool celebrated it's 40th birthday with a concert at the Opera House over the weekend and we took Josh and Ash along to see it. I remember growing up with Playschool (a long long time ago) and it was great to see that they still sing the same nursery rhymes and songs. It was also quite funny to see the concert hall filled with kiddies, mums and dads all singing along to "humpty dumpty" instead of listening to an opera or watching a ballet!?

We also spent some time in the garden. We are so excited about our lime tree that is bearing fruit - lots of green curries, yummy salad dressings and cool summer drinks ahead of us!

I even had a chance to do a bit of sewing and get started on a small surprise......can't reveal too much yet!

Friday, October 06, 2006

spring fever

I found this fabric a while ago and it has been sitting on my table waiting to be sewn up into a wintery little bag. Now it's spring (time flies!) so I added some yellow lining to brighten it up a bit!

Our warm sunny days have been keeping us busy with trips to the park, BBQ's and spending more time outdoors. I can't believe it is October......only a few months until Christmas, which is why I'm looking forward to this little swap. It's like a reminder that Christmas is on it's way and hopefully I will get a start on those Chrissie projects!