Monday, October 15, 2007

guilt quilt

Mother guilt. I am constantly wondering whether my children are adjusting to school/daycare, whether they are making friends, whether they are confident in themselves and if they are as happy as they possibly can be. I tend to forget that they are just 3 and 5 and they are children and the smallest things can make them happy.
I've just finished the quilt top for Josh's first quilt which he helped pick out the fabrics for (the goldfish are his favourite!). He is so happy and it's made me work on it constantly as he can't wait until it's done.

The binding will be this stripey fabric, all I need to do now is quilt it.......should be ready by the middle of summer!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


After a two week break, it's back to school tomorrow. It's been nice spending some time at home with the kids, relaxing and catching up with friends. I managed to find a little time this weekend to use this beautiful fabric from Hollabee. It is a cotton/linen blend and I love the print on them!

They're coasters.......a set of eight, for some friends!