Saturday, December 09, 2006


When I read Ali's post yesterday I almost fell off my chair when she tagged me! Thanks Ali, here goes......

4 jobs I've had
sales assistant in a book/stationery store
customer service in a bank
worked in a finance company
and now working in aged care.

4 movies I could watch over and over
pride and prejudice (any version!)
any james bond movie

4 places I have lived (apart from where I am now)
herdecke, germany - born there and stayed till i was 2
mackay, queensland - where we first arrived in australia
sydney - where i have been for years and years!

4 TV shows I love
greys anatomy
amazing race
law and order
(why do I keep getting stuck at 3?!)

4 places I have been for a vacation
Prague - so beautiful, loved it.
Paris - so romantic.
Malaysia - so much to eat.
Korea - where my family is from.

4 websites I visit daily

4 favourite foods
any dessert with apple and/or rhubarb
pasta that my husband cooks (he's the chef in our house, I can't cook)

4 places I would rather be
Tokyo, Japan - to visit a friend and shop!
Somewhere on the coast of Italy - relaxing in a small village near the water
Las Vegas - don't mind trying out my luck!
Thailand - to explore

4 people I am tagging
Joyce (slateblu)
(3 again!)


kirsten said...

pride and prejudice & chocolat! yay!

Ali said...

Thanks for playing! I'd like to go to Prague - heared lots of good things about it.

capello said...

oh, i'd love to go to prague and paris!

jenn said...

Hi I'm Jenn Miner :) Did you recieve a post card from me? I hope so ~ I sent it out to you almost 2 weeks ago. I am soo paranoid! :)

Soo said...

Hi Jenn,
Yes! I've received your card.....thank-you! I'm hoping to post pictures up's such a great swap, I love all the cards I've received so far!

sally said...

Soo...I didn't realize you are Korean. Small world. I've only been back once [when I was 3]. Hope to go visit one of these days. Memes are fun to read!

Soo said...

Hi Sally,
I've only been back a couple of times...I'm hoping to visit again next year to show hubbie and kids around!