Monday, February 05, 2007

big school

Guess who started school?
He is having a great time and I'm happy to say that there were no tears on the first day (from Josh or from me!). We are now getting used to new routines......earlier bedtimes, morning traffic, packing lunches, ironing uniforms and tying up shoelaces!


kirsten said...

look at those knee socks! such a little man!

Anonymous said...

Oh that brings back memories.
My kids started new schools too.
Sam - Year 10 Senior Campus College
Maddi - Year 7 Junior Campus College.
We are becoming so Americanised.
They are glad they have changed schools. Both loving it.
Hope your little man is too.

rebecca said...

Very smart! Pleased to hear it is going well.

Ali said...

How shiny those shoes are! Congratulations big boy.

momo said...

Hi. First time to leave comment here.
My son is 2 years old and seems it is a long time for those shoes and socks for him yet...

congratulation to your boy!

tiel s-k said...

the longest routine of your lives! congrats and enjoy the 'freer' hours of the day.

blair said...

such a big milestone, love those uniforms!

capello said...

hey! you've been quiet!

everything okay?