Wednesday, June 06, 2007


What do you do when friends and family are all popping out babies? Make mini-moopies of course!


kirsten said...

your moopies look great!
(and i tried to email you a reply to your comment - it bounced for some reason so here it is:)
oh, please! my parties are crazy easy. my secret is
i usually start thinking about them way in advance -
so much so that my husband laughs at me. but then i
can look for things on sale and iron out the details
ahead of time and not stress out. it's all about the
creative details! and having a theme. give me a
theme, age, and 1/2 an hour and i'll give you a
kick-butt party! :)

kirsten said...

oh, look! another kirsten. :) hey, just found you via piccalilli - love your moopies!! too cute by far. and terrific cards.

joyce said...

toooo cute! they're great!

Suzie Sews said...

to cute for words
Suzie Sews

monica said...

they look fantastic! I love your choice of fabric.

blair said...

these are wonderful sooz, such a great idea for a baby gift...actually, my own kids would love these and they are no babies...they'll be the first ones to tell you : )

Joy said...

These little moopies are brilliant, so sweet.

Anonymous said...

hello i'm just a passerby
your moopies are cute
may i know how you made them?

Soo said...

The mini-moopy pattern is from I'd try contacting them for a pattern as they used to be available on etsy! Good luck!