Monday, May 05, 2008

block 7

This weekend just flew by (don't all weekends?!) and in between lunches with family and birthday parties for friends I managed to start on block 7 of Sue Spargo's Ginger Grove. This block is made up 3 cotton heart shapes, with woollen stems and berries. I just need to find some embroidery thread in the right colour now to finish it off. Hope you had a good weekend too!


Ella said...


Anonymous said...

God I love her patterns you are making me wish that I never had so many other things on the go so that I too could make mine! Did you see her pattern in Homespun this month?

Soo said...

no I didn't but I will have a look, I love her patterns too! It's taking me so long to finish this, I hope I can keep at it and finish it soon.