Friday, July 25, 2008

it's a wrap!

There are so many great tutorials out there at the moment, one of which is this gratitude wrap which I managed to put together last night. It's nice and simple and perfect for keeping cards and stationery in!

The trickiest part was getting the binding on straight. I used some ready made binding but it was still fiddly around the corners!

Some other tutorials that I'm hoping to try are these pinwheel quilted coasters and some button top brads . If you have some time, make sure you have a peek at free design goodies too as they have some wonderful freebies to keep you busy!


Marina said...

That's really pretty Soo.

Handmaiden said...

Soo, thanks for sharing....putting this in my to do basket

Anonymous said...

I was just at Amanda's and saw your comment and thought I would check out your blog. Your gratitude wrap turned out so nice. Pretty fabric!

joyce said...

thanks for sharing the link!
the gratitude wrap you made looks great! i love the fabric you used.

Belinda said...

Soo, thanks for leaving a comment.

I meet with a couple of other craft bloggers once a month. Send me an email if your interested and I'll pass on the details.

Kellie said...

Great links! Thanks but now I have to stay up another 20 minutes to catch up on the sewing for Ben's party that I should have been doing :)