Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a thimble list

I am a list person. I write out grocery lists over morning coffee, scribble on the back of receipts whilst in the car and even wake up in the middle of the night sometimes to write down things I need to remember in a notebook next to my bed.
A thimble a list of small things that make you happy. I came across the idea here, and thought it was such a nice idea!
So here goes my thimble list:
- make coffee for hubby in the morning (he is usually the one to make our coffees each morning!)
- pull out a sewing project that has been started but not finished (oh, there are so many)
- meet up with a friend for a coffee
- try a new recipe
- bring home a bunch of flowers for home
The best thing about this list can make a new one each day!

1 comment:

Ali said...

What a good sounding list - I feel cheery just reading it!