Saturday, November 15, 2008

mermaids and pirates

Ashley's friend is having a birthday party with a mermaids and pirates theme in a couple of months so we made up these little bags to see whether she would like to use them as lolly bags. They were sewn up with some cotton canvas and a little drawstring looped through the top. The fabrics were ironed on with heat'n'bond, an iron-on adhesive, and the little pirate face was hand sewn with some embroidery thread. Super quick and easy!

....and I couldn't resist these beauties from our local fruit shop!


Andi said...

The little bags are so sweet.
We have a birthday party in our house next weekend. I won't be doing anything near as industrious or creative.

periwinkle said...

I think little bags like that are such a good idea - much better than the plastic type.
Lisa x
Validation word is ' scones ' lol, would have been perfect if this had been a baking post.

Sarah said...

Oh you are SO good!
Ummm B9 having is little party this weekend - think I can russel some bags up???? THere is ALWAYs something else to do than your own goodies hey?

Jacoline (Lien) said...

Tha bags are so sweet , I love handmade gifts, they are much better. Have a great party.

Suzy said...

Those bags are so sweet, and I love the peonies.