Tuesday, July 25, 2006

eliza's bag

We have a friend Eliza, who has always had an obsession with the colour yellow. At the age of two, she loves yellow clothes, yellow toys, yellow balloons, yellow jelly.......all things yellow! So when her mum mentioned that Eliza wanted a bag like mummy's I just had to make one of these, in yellow of course! (hope she doesn't mind a little bit of red)

..........and here are some buttons. I have a weakness for buttons in the shape of flowers!


sally said...

Sweet bag. I love flower buttons!

nicbiccie said...

Hey Soo...love Eliza's bag - very sweet! Oooh, & I love those buttons...I ended up doing a bit of damage last week at the button shop...hey, it was 20% off!! N

Joanne said...

I also love flower buttons.... I absolutely love that yellow bag. Very Cute