Wednesday, July 19, 2006

vintage button swap

I'm very excited about this vintage button swap! I have somehow managed to be entered into the swap twice (my dodgy email) but I don't mind at all. I'm putting together a little collection of buttons and have found a wonderful shop where I can easily spend hours in!


Jess said...

oh, i am so excited! from what i have seen so far on your blog you have great taste so i can't wait for my little button package!

Soo said...

Have also seen some of your pictures and they are amazing! By the way....wish I could sew without a pattern!

Céline said...

Hello Soo !

(Have tried to email a couple of times, but it seems not to have worked...)

I am very excited also about this button swap ! but I am asking myself a lot (too much ?) of questions : what color do you like ? do you wish to have a mix of different buttons or do you prefer only one or two sorts (so that you can use them for any clothing project for instance...).

Cheers from Paris,

PS for other readers : yes I am the lucky swap partner of Soo !

Soo said...

Hi Celine,
I love all buttons, in any colour! I am looking forward to the swap as I have seen your blog with your lovely projects!