Friday, July 14, 2006

sewing again

Here are some oven mits, made for a couple of good friends. It was fun sewing them up, but a lot more fun wrapping them and passing them on! They are from denyse schmidt's quilts where I have been spending a lot of time flicking through the pages, wondering what I should sew up next.


Jess said...

i really like these! nice work. i need to learn how to follow patterns. i sew all the time but i have no idea what to do with a pattern.

nicbiccie said...

I am the lucky recipient of the lovely oven mitt at the top...thanks so much Soo! You'll be glad to hear I've already used it for my baking! And congrats on your new blog...I knew you'd come around! ;)

Soo said...

So happy to hear that the mit is being put to good use, thanks Nic!