Wednesday, October 25, 2006

catch up time

We've had a busy week! We had some close friends stay with us and they brought along their new little bub Megan who is only a few months old. Josh and Ash adored having her stay with us and so did we, it's so funny how quickly we forget how small babies are and how nice it is to hold them! We spent a perfect spring day at the Wharf where we caught up and ate a yummy lunch.

Our friends asked whether there was anything we wanted from Japan. Where do I start!!?! They arrived with a pile of craft books (thank-you, thankyou!) which I'd like to share, as they are difficult to get a hold of around here. Anyone interested in a little swap for a japanese craft book? (if you have anything you would like to swap for a craft book, please let me know!) I have a few to swap and some that I will try and sell on-line.
*thanks, I have enough swap partners now - will be packaging them and sending them off soon, looking forward to swapping!
They left this morning after spending the week with us and the house feels so empty now - we miss them already!
After they left, Josh said, "mummy, why don't you eat lots and lots so that your tummy can grow really big and you can have a baby too!!"
Umm, I'll try Josh!


tiel S-K said...

hey, I love that idea of swapping the Japanese craft books. Except I only purchased mine recently and can't part with them just yet. But down the track i'd be keen.

the books look like you'll be spending lots of time wanting to make some great things.

Belinda said...

I would be interested in swapping. Let me know if you had anything in particular in mind

capello said...

did you say japaneese craft book?

and oh, the babies i would have had if all it took was having a fat tummy...

Maitreya said...

Hi, I'd be interested in swapping too. I could make you something in exchange for a book. Or I have craft supplies I could swap, or other craft books. Email me if you're interested (maitreya[at]craftlog[dot]org).

Anonymous said...

I'm choking on my tea - did you say swap for a Japanese Craft Book? Would I like to? Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?

What can Blighty offer you?