Monday, October 09, 2006

where did the weekend go?

Playschool celebrated it's 40th birthday with a concert at the Opera House over the weekend and we took Josh and Ash along to see it. I remember growing up with Playschool (a long long time ago) and it was great to see that they still sing the same nursery rhymes and songs. It was also quite funny to see the concert hall filled with kiddies, mums and dads all singing along to "humpty dumpty" instead of listening to an opera or watching a ballet!?

We also spent some time in the garden. We are so excited about our lime tree that is bearing fruit - lots of green curries, yummy salad dressings and cool summer drinks ahead of us!

I even had a chance to do a bit of sewing and get started on a small surprise......can't reveal too much yet!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Your photos today are beautiful.

capello said...

Your spring is lovely.

And a secret? Oh, do tell!

kirsten said...

from someone who has only seen the opera house from photos in another hemisphere: that is SO cool! :)

tiel S-K said...

aren't lime trees just the best. Esp when they can be $1.50 each! We have one and it bears heaps of fruit.

Limes are also good if you have a headache. Just cut one in half and rub the half on your eases it for me.

Lots of summer drinks...mmm yummy.